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Race Prep

Find everything you need to know to prepare in the best way possible your Cyclotour. From nutrition to recovery.

Before the Event

The Cyclotour is not a race reserved for experienced cyclists. As there's no ranking, there's no pressure to put on yourself and you don't need to follow the Speedy Gonzales at the front. It's a great way to discover the Lake Geneva region in a different way. Ride in sport or touring mode, it's up to you!

Even though this is a race without a stopwatch, we recommend that you do some preparation beforehand, especially if you've never done long distances (over 100km). Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Do several outings before May to adapt your body to the effort, including progressions in the distances covered.

  2. Adopting a healthy lifestyle will ensure that your body is fit for physical effort:
    • Get enough sleep before your rides
    • Eat a healthy diet with enough carbohydrates
    • Keep well hydrated. Water is essential to your body
  3. Have your bike serviced and your equipment checked for your safety and comfort on the day.

It’s important to read the race booklet carefully, as you’ll find all the information you need for the day!

Event Day

The Cyclotour weekend is here. So it’s time for the final preparations before the start.

To avoid any unnecessary stress on Sunday morning, come and pick up your race number, participation bag and official jersey on Saturday 25 May. It’s really easy to get there: take the metro from Lausanne station to the Ouchy-Olympique terminus, cross the pedestrian crossing to get to the Place de la Navigation. Numbers are handed out under the big tent (or follow the signs). Don’t forget your confirmation email.

From a nutritional point of view, we recommend a good dish of pasta with tomato sauce the evening before to fill up on carbohydrates.

25 May 2025:

The alarm goes off. It’s finally D-Day. You’ve prepared properly, your equipment has been checked and you’re physically and mentally ready to tackle the roads of Lake Geneva. You’ve got a few snacks in your pocket and your helmet on. So it’s time to get to the start. It’s best to come to Lausanne by train. If you’re coming by car, don’t worry, you can park in the P+R car park at Ouchy or in the Indigo Lausanne Port d’Ouchy car park.

We advise you to arrive no later than 10 minutes before the start of your airlock (to be found in the race booklet - first start at 6.00 am) to avoid queuing as much as possible. If you have a little time, enjoy a coffee.

Nutrition advice for during the race coming soon.

After the event

Congratulations, you’re a finisher in the 21st edition of the Cyclotour du Léman! We hope you enjoyed the experience.

After this long ride, it’s important to think about recovery. To provide your body with the nutrients it needs, eat a meal within 30 minutes of arriving and, above all, keep well hydrated. We have everything you need in the village.

What’s more, our partner Winforce has some superb recovery products. Drop by their stand on Saturday and they’ll be able to give you all the information you need.