Looking for information you didn’t find in the Racebooklet or on the website? Check out our QnA!

Welcome to our official QnA

Is the Cyclotour a race?

No, it's a cyclosportive ride on an open road. So it's essential to obey the traffic rules! Any infringement may be reported and you may be banned from taking part.

When will I receive all information?

You can already see all the information in the race booklet above. On 17 May you will also receive an e-mail with all the information.

What about my race number?

You will receive an email on Friday 24 May with your start number.

Refunds and roll-over to next year

Only possible if you have completed a Participation annulation and with a valid medical certificate. Conditions in the rules.

Can I change the name on my bib?

No, that's no longer possible.

Are the race number and jersey sent by post?

No, the race numbers and jerseys will be handed over in the Cyclotour village at the Place de la Navigation in Lausanne (see information in the Race booklet).

Which size to choose for the shirt?

Find a size guide here.

Once I've gotten my jersey, can I exchange it?

No, no changes can be made.

Can I pick up the race number of a colleague/friend?

Yes, you just need to have the confirmation email.

I’m not sure if I have the level to complete the full tour of the lake. Can I still register?

A minimum average speed of 23 km/h must be maintained in order to finish within the time limit. If you are not sure that you will be able to finish before the deadline, don't hesitate to register for the Evian-Lausanne or Lausanne-Evian formats.

Can I ride with triathlon handlebars?

No, for safety reasons we do not allow triathlon handlebars. Time trial bikes are also forbidden.

How can I get to the Evian-Lausanne start in Evian?

A shuttle boat is organised in the morning from Lausanne, Ouchy in order to arrive on time for the start in Evian. The boat leaves at 7.00 am from the landing dock in Ouchy. A luggage deposit is organised in Evian, which will allow you to collect your belongings in Lausanne once you arrive.

How do I get back from Evian after finishing Lausanne-Evian?

With the voucher on your bib number, you have the possibility to take the boats from Evian to Ouchy. The CGN accepts 75 people with their bikes per boat. There is the 10:05, 11:45 or 13:15 boat. These are not boats especially for the Cyclotour, hence the limitation. We thank you for your cooperation.

Where can I leave my bike when I arrive?

There is a closed and controlled bike park near the toilets. To leave your bike, you have to get in with your bib-number (your number is proof). To get your bike back, you have a voucher on your bib-number that you must give to the person controlling the park.

What is the Front Of Line package?

It’s our new premium package that gives you a whole host of advantages:

  • Front-of-line start
  • Personalised jersey
  • Fast lane for bib-number collection
  • Raffle to take part in the VIP Ride
  • A pair of socks
  • Specific sports nutrition
  • A portion of Pasta Party

I didn’t get a place. Is there a waiting list?

No, we do not have a waiting list.

I have signed up for the 176km but I am not sure if I will be able to complete it, can I change the distance?

Unfortunately, we cannot make any changes to the 112km or 64km as the maximum boat capacity has been reached.

Are the roads closed?

No, this is a cyclo-sport ride and not a race. Therefore, the roads remain open to traffic and the traffic regulations code must be respected.

What is the payment method on site?

No cash; only by card or Twint.

Is there a shop on site?

Yes, there’s a shop in the Cyclotour village with merchandising in the same place as the info point.

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