The Cyclotour du Léman is a popular cycling event, open to all : men and women from 16 years of age, with or without a licence.

Participants who are minors (under 18 years of age) must send an email to in order to provide a parental authorization signed by their legal representative.

The participants commit to respecting traffic rules, and especially to ride through roundabouts on the right side. They must ride on the right side of the road, in a line, control their speed and trajectory, and follow the instructions of the officials and volunteers on course. 
Any infraction to the traffic rules or to the rules of the event will incur a disqualification of this event or for participation in future events.


Wearing a helmet is mandatory, participants must mount the timing chip and the frame number on their bike, fill out an emergencycontact (Paper) information and carry the sheet with them during the event. We also strongly recommend lights for the bike (mandatory at night).

Time trial bikes or bikes with aerobar are not allowed.

To facilitate the crossing of borders, participants must also carry an official document (identity card or password). Support and / or assistance vehicles are not allowed.

The participants must make sure that their bike is functioning properly. The organisation deploys electronic timing on 8 locations on course. However, there is no ranking. Results are published in alphabetical order on


The whole course is marked with Cyclotour arrow signs (See under General Info). Participants commit to informing themselves about the course ahead of the event, and to staying on the official course on event day. 

Time limits

Lausanne – Lausanne 

Participants crossing the check-points in Evian after 11:15 or in Pregny-Chambésy after 13:48 p.m. will be stopped and must board the sag wagon, which will drive them back to the finish. Participants are expected to maintain a minimum average speed of 23 km/h.

Evian – Lausanne 

Participants crossing the check-point in Pregny-Chambésy after 11:53 will be stopped and must board the sag wagon, which will drive them back to the finish. Participants are expected to maintain a minimum average speed of 20 km/h.

These time limits are set by the authorities, we kindly ask you to respect them. Those who do not respect these cut-off times and continue to ride will automatically be excluded (from the regulations) and the tour and will be responsible for their own continued riding on the bike.

Lausanne - Evian 

Arrival and therefore finish time (incl. the catering area) in Evian is 10.30 am.

Time limit finish

16:00 is the time limit to arrive in Lausanne. The time will not be counted afterwards and each participant is responsible for their own journey and continuation.

Anyone who decides to change distance without the agreement of the organiser will be disqualified and will have to ride under their own responsibility.

Food and drinks stations

The organisation deploys generous food and drinks stations at the start and finish, as well as at defined locations on course. A wide range of pruducts (bars, Winforce gels, drinks, etc.) are offered. Food and drinks stations are only available to participants of the Cyclotour.


The registration deadlines, price increases and contents of the participant package are determined each year. The date of payment for registration applies. The different price levels are communicated on the homepage and are binding. In case of double registrations, a refund of 90% of the participation fee will be granted; 10% will be retained for administrative expenses. No refund will be provided for additional purchases and optional products.

In the event of disputes, only the receipt of payment will be accepted as proof of payment.

Any person residing in France must send a valid medical certificate to the organiser (at before the event, stating that they are physically fit to participate in the event.

It is not possible to transfer the race number to another person. There is no right to a refund in the event of a transfer to a cheaper category. Re-registrations to another categorie (distance) are only possible until the bib number printing date (9 May 2025 - subject to availability), after which a new start place/start number must be purchased.
In case of a re-registration into another category, the performance of the starter package will automatically be adjusted as well. There is no right to a refund in the event of a reduction in performance.
Free starting places from competitions or promotions cannot be transferred to a subsequent year and are only valid for the corresponding event.

Participation Annulation Conditions (PAC)

Participation annulation for the paid entry fee can be taken out on request at the time of registration. Conditions to read here.

Services offered to the participants

Each participant receives the following :

-        High Quality Cyclotour Cycling Shirt (Shirt size cannot be changed or guaranteed after registration)

-        Participant bag with goodies

-        Finisher certificate (digital)

-        Electronic chip timing

-        Food and drinks stations at the start and finish, and on course.

-        Technical support

-        Signalisation & route signposting on the tour

-        Clothes depot for valuables

-        Free & guarded bike park at the start/finish area (on race day)

-        Motorbike escort / marshals

-        Medical service at the start/finish area & on the route

Image rights 

Participants allow the organization to use their image for the promotion of the event. Photo and video footage taken at the event may be used without any financial retribution on all types of promotion media: on TV, on the Internet, or in the written press. Should participants not agree to this clause, they must contact the organizer in writing, at the latest 10 days prior to the event. 

Photo service provider Sportograf / special data protection notice

At our event, Sportograf Digital Solutions GmbH (web: will be our media partner and exclusive photo service provider.

If you participate in an event at which Sportograf (hereinafter referred to as "we") has been commissioned as an exclusive photographic service by the Organizer, we may collect photographic and video material on which you can be identified personally, possibly with your event participant number (e.g. start number).

We use the data collected at the sport events to fulfill our obligation as a photo service provider under the underlying contract with the Organizer and in our own economic interest to sell the photos of the event to the interested participants via our website Through many years of experience in the field of event photography, we can ensure that participants of sports events will be informed transparently that Sportograf will be used as an exclusive photo service provider. Furthermore, every participant of such an event must expect that the Organizer or his cooperation partners will sell photos of such events as souvenirs. Your personal data will not be passed on to third parties. We only use photographers who we have obligated to comply with data protection laws in accordance with any applicable data protection regulation (such as, by way of example, the EU General Data Protection Regulation).

In addition to the manual photo search with the help of location and time, we also oer a search with the help of the start number or a picture (selfie).

In the latter case, we determine the anonymous and non-personal characteristics of the participants with the help of an algorithm, regardless of the start number, with the help of which the personal images can be found later.

The legal justification for the data processing is our aforementioned legitimate interests according to Art. 6 Para. 1 lit. f GDPR. You have the right to object to this processing.

You can find more information on how we handle personal data and regarding your right of objection in our privacy policy available at

Data privacy

In order to register for the event, each participant must be a passive member of the "Association Cyclotour du Léman". For this reason, the organiser and the partners reserve the right to use the participants' data. I agree that the data provided in my registration, such as surname and first name, private address (street, no., postcode and town) date of birth, telephone number, - and e-mail address, may be passed on to partners (e.g. photo and video service) for services or advertising purposes and, on request, to sponsors for targeted addresses and telephone campaigns (exclusively for the sponsor SWICA) in connection with the event, insofar as the applicable data protection law permits this. Consent to the disclosure of data to third parties may be revoked at any time. If a participant does not agree to this clause, he/she must notify the organisation in writing at least 10 days before the event.
Note according to data protection law: Your data will be stored electronically.


The organisation subscribes a liability insurance that covers the organizing committee, the active members, the service providers and the volunteers of the event.

Liability insurance

All participants must be covered by a liability insurance covering the damages they may cause to thirds while taking part in the event.

Exclusion of liability & Accidents

By registering, participants accept the conditions of the event and the exclusion of liability of the organization for damages of all sorts. The organization cannot be held responsible for any accident caused by infractions to the traffic regulations, or involving thirds (other cylists or vehicles). The organization declines any responsibility in case of loss or theft of any equipment during the event or during the transport of an injured participant. By registering, the participants accept the present rules of the Cyclotour du Léman, and confirm that they are in good physical shape and trained enough to complete the event. The medical staff of the event reserves the right to pull any participant out of the race whose physical condition appears incompatible with completing the event.

Transport / Safety

Only the participants of the Evian-Lausanne and Lausanne-Evian course receive a free ticket for a boat crossing from Lausanne to Evian. Participants registered for the full course around the Léman who decide to stop in Evian and get on a boat back to the finish must purchase a ticket from the CGN (it is possible to buy tickets on board). A sea crossing at a specific time cannot be guaranteed as the conditions and guidelines of the shipping company apply (e.g. storm, delays, maximum number of ship, cancellation).
The organisation only takes care of the transport of injured participants.

Abiding by the present rules

By taking part in the Cyclotour, each participant tacitly agrees to respect all of the present rules.


The organization committee (CCO) reserves the right to modify the present rules at any time and without any notice, in the interest of the participants and their safety.

Rules version : June 2024