Cyclotour 2022, a magical experience

The Cyclotour will shine in fresh splendor. Let yourself be surprised!

A day in nature, a day at the pulse of life!

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112 km

Evian – Lausanne

Do you want to see the highlights of the cyclotour without having to do the full 176 km? Then this format is just right for you! And that's a promise.

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176 km

Lausanne – Lausanne

Are you brave enough to take up the challenge of the Cyclotour du Léman? If so, then go for it! Leave your worries behind you, the magical scenery around Lake Geneva will become a massage for your soul!

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Check out the complete Cyclotour collection now in the online store! Windbreakers, caps, socks, pants or gilets - for men and women! The cycling shirt is included in the registration.


Cyclotour du Léman traverses some of the most interesting terrain that Switzerland and France has to offer. From the gorgeous rolling hills of the Lavaux wine region, to one of Europe's most visited castles. And what better way to see it all than by bike?

Lavaux wine region

Switzerland's finest wine region

Although generally mountainous, Switzerland also has many hilly regions, which are ideal for planting vineyards, with the area in the south-west especially, around Lake Geneva, the perfect climate for grapes to strive. Covering roughly 800 hectares, Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard area in the country, and its terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007. The product of these vineyards is equally protected – so much so, you won’t be able to taste the amazing wine produced in Lavaux elsewhere.


Sports city of Lausanne

The home of olympic sport

For more than a century, Lausanne has been home to the International Olympic Committee, inspiring dozens of organizations overseeing sports as different as baseball and taekwondo to put down roots, too.


Chillon Castle

One of the most visited castles in Switzerland & Europe

Chillon Castle is an island castle located on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux in the canton of Vaud. It is situated at the eastern end of the lake, on the narrow shore between Montreux and Villeneuve, which gives access to the Alpine valley of the Rhône. Chillon is amongst the most visited castles in Switzerland and Europe. It now belongs to the State of Vaud and is classified as a Swiss Cultural Property of National Significance.


Jet d'Eau, Geneva

A big waterfall, in the other direction

500 litres of water per second are jetted to an altitude of 140 metres by two pumps, operating at 2,400 V, consuming one megawatt of electricity. The water leaves the nozzle at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour . At any given moment, there are about 7,000 litres of water in the air. Unsuspecting visitors to the fountain—which can be reached via a stone jetty from the left bank of the lake—may be surprised to find themselves drenched after a slight change in wind direction.


Mont-Blanc Bridge

A historic bridge, with the best view ever

The Mont Blanc bridge is named after the famous mountain in the French Alps. It is pleasant to walk around and across the bridge, where there are many restaurants to explore. You can also catch a good view of the water spout rising 120ft on the Geneva lake. The view of the lake and the mountains from the bridge is amazing.


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I accept the challenge to participate in one of the most beautiful cycling events in the world, to meet like-minded (great) people. I'am alive!

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Latest News


Nous sommes heureux d'annoncer que le Cyclotour du Léman 2021 est SOLD-OUT.

Participation limitation at 3'000

The Cyclotour du Léman 2021 is limited to 3'000 places in this variable pandemic situation.

Poster officielle Cyclotour du Léman 2021

Le poster officiel du Cyclotour du Léman 2021, créé par Bertschy, est disponible dès maintenant !

Cyclotour du Léman 2021 will be postponed

The 18th Cyclotour du Léman cannot take place on May 30, 2021 as planned due to restrictions around Covid-19. The new date is October 10.

The whole collection in the webshop !

Check out the whole Cyclotour collection now in the webshop! Windbreakers, caps, socks, pants or gilets - for men and women!

Cyclotour du Léman findet am 30. Mai 2021 statt

Wir planen die Cyclotour du Léman für den 30. Mai 2021 und werden am 15. November die Anmeldung öffnen. Wir freuen uns auf eine wunderschöne Rundfahrt um den Genfersee inklusive Grenzüberschreitung nach Frankreich. Sei dabei!

Cyclotour du Léman 22 May 2022

Information for next year’s event to follow
You’re currently still looking at the website for the event that happened in 2021. We’re working on it! The updated race information for next year will will be online by 1 November 2021.

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