To date, the Covid certificate is mandatory in order to participate in the event. In order to enter the Cyclotour village and go to the start line for Lausanne-Lausanne, it is necessary to present the Covid certificate with a valid ID (passport, ID card) at the entrance. Once checked, you will receive a wristband to wear, which cannot be exchanged. Without the bracelet, the start cannot be taken! For those having the start in Evian, the Covid control is done on the boat or in Evian.



People who present with symptoms are not allowed to enter the event, even with a negative Covid-19 test, and are asked to isolate themselves for at least 24 hours after their symptoms have ended.


The covid certificate check can be done:


Saturday (9.10.21) in Décathlon                                            9h00-17h00

Saturday (9.10.21) at Place de la Navigation                        14h00-18h00

Sunday (10.10.21) morning before start                                from 6h00


The certificate and the identity card must be taken with you on the tour.




Please note that these measures are imposed on us and without them the event would not take place!

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